January 8, 2015

First there was the 2011 Foo Fighters documentary Back And Forth, which chronicled the band’s history. Then there was frontman Dave Grohl’s Sound City film in 2013 about the now-defunct studio, in which some of the band members appeared. And finally there was the eight-part HBO series this past fall which documented the making of the latest Foos album, Sonic Highways.

Foo taylor-hawkins

That, says drummer Taylor Hawkins, is enough. Hawkins told magazine that even though he understand what Grohl is after with all the movies, he personally doesn’t enjoy being on camera. Hawkins explained, “It’s never been one of my ambitions to be famous for being on TV. But I think Dave’s on the money. It isn’t purely business ambition, because I know he truly loves to do this . . . He loves the process. Just as I, on a much smaller level, like the process of recording a song. That’s not enough for Dave any more. No, I don’t like being filmed, but it is part of it now.”

Hawkins said that he didn’t like being filmed while making Sonic Highways: “I’m probably in the movie less than anybody really, because of my unwantingness to hear every smartass thing I had to say all day long. You know, I’ve just got a dumb, loud mouth and I don’t shut the hell up ever and so, ‘I can’t wear a microphone all day, everybody’s gonna hate me by the end of this.'”

Sonic Highways, the Foos’ eighth studio album, was recorded on location in eight different American cities, with the cameras following them around to each session.

  • The album sold around 190,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week of release to land at Number Two on the Billboard 200 album chart.
  • The band will launch its biggest North American tour ever later this year, hitting arenas, amphitheaters and stadiums in the summer and fall.