FILTER On Upcoming Album: ‘It’s So Much More Cinematic’

August 29, 2015

Filter’s singer Richard Patrick recently sat down with Uproxx to talk about the progress of their new album (the follow up to 2013’s “The Sun Comes Out Tonight”), tentatively due next spring via Wind-Up Records.


Patrick said, “The most important thing that I have to say about the new music is that it’s way more present-tense- and future-oriented. We get lumped in as more of a rock band, and rightly so, especially with our last couple of releases; but this is where we are in the 21st century. It’s so much more cinematic.”

Filter wrote a song called “Nothing In My Hands” for their new album, which was written around Ferguson and the Michael Brown shooting. “This shit is happening all the time… All these black kids getting killed, and for what?” he said. “It’s not just something to sing about because it’s dark: not one fucking rock band is reflecting this stuff. I want to write songs about social matters. I have to say something about what’s going on in this corrupt world we live in.”