Filter: New Album ‘Crazy Eyes’ + ‘Take Me to Heaven’ Single

January 20, 2016

Filter have released a new song called “Take Me To Heaven” from their upcoming album “Crazy Eyes”. Listen to the song in the Soundcloud widget below.


Singer Richard Patrick produced the album and told Billboard he wrote the song after losing his father. “‘Take Me to Heaven’ was written after my dad just died, and where I’m coming from is I’m trying to find if there’s an afterlife and I’m trying to believe in it. It’s very hopeful,” says the singer. “There’s no more authentic and real that I could have gotten as a singer and lyricist.”

He adds, “I feel so strongly about having it be weird and intense and authentic and bizarre, because we’ve done ‘perfect.’ This is a new era for me because it’s the first time I’ve totally produced the record, and I made it raw and real the way I wanted it.”

Filter’s “Crazy Eyes” album will be released April 8 via Wind-Up Records.


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