Ex-GUNS N’ ROSES Manager VICKY HAMILTON Thinks She Can Help End Feud Between AXL ROSE And SLASH

April 9, 2015

Vicky Hamilton, who is best known for managing the early careers of Guns N’ Roses and Poison, in addition to serving as a management consultant for Motley Crue, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for the release of her memoir, titled “Appetite For Dysfunction”.


She told the UK’s Daily Mail, “I decided to write the book because I’m going to be 57 and the memories start to fade and I just want to get it down and document it.”

She goes on to say, “I absolutely helped Guns N’ Roses find their way. Who knows if they’d even have all lived while they were living in that rehearsal hall having bonfires and doing God knows what?! There was no one looking after them, which is just scary.”

“I sometimes think that if I had Axl and Slash in a room together that I could fix it. There’s a difference in how you deal with people when you grow up together with them.

“They know I love them for who they are. I loved them when they were nobody.

“I didn’t have an ulterior motive other than to help them be as good as they can be and I think I was successful in that.

“I saved them from making major mistakes.”

She added in a separate interview with Rolling Stone: “[Axl] has this very likable little-boy personality, and then he has the demon-dog-from-hell personality. The color of his eyes actually changes when he goes into this different person.”