Dr Dre sued by former cleaner following ‘unfair dismissal’ from $1,870-a-week job

October 19, 2015

Dr Dre is reportedly being sued by his former house cleaner for unfair dismissal.

As reported by New York Daily News, Dre’s former housekeeper, Raquel Sagustume, has filed a civil suit at a court in Los Angeles seeking compensation after being fired from her $1,870 per week cleaning job.

Sagustume claims that she was fired by Dre a year into the job after she was hospitalised for health problems, which she says arose from being harassed and bullied by two other staff members, causing her emotional and physical strain.

Sagustume alleges that Dr Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, are responsible for the harassment as they failed to prevent it as employers.

Dr Dre has not publicly commented on the matter.

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