Downloads sold in 1st 9 months of 2015 down 100 million on 2014 equivalent

October 11, 2015

Nielsen stats show that song downloads between January and September 2015 are down almost 100 million on the same time period in 2014!


The guess is that those numbers will reach a year end differential of around 120-130 million downloads.

Full packaged album downloads remain at about the same level, according to Nielsen, despite the growing success of streaming services.

Data analyst Joshua Friedlander told Digiday of the vinyl vs streaming news, “Overall, the music industry has become the most-digital in terms of all traditional media outlets – magazines, newspapers – in terms of transition”.

“There is more optimism out there than there was. Two-thirds of the market is still physical [CDs]. It used to be monolithic. Now it’s a mix of things, a revenue diversification that makes a more stable source to grow off of.”


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