March 20, 2015

The Kurt Cobain documentary Montage Of Heck has not even been officially released yet and already there is a conspiracy theory surrounding it.


According to Alternative Nation, Shawn Helton has written an article for 21st Century Wire and offers his opinion that the documentary “neglects to discuss any of the alarming forensic details observed in Cobain’s death.”

Helton states that the “biased” nature of The Kid Stays In The Picture, a previous documentary by Montage Of Heck filmmaker Brett Morgen, “could have been a huge attraction for (Courtney) Love, as she, along with writer Charles Cross, sought to dictate a certain narrative for Cobain’s legacy in the aftermath of his death.”

Conspiracy theories have circulated for years since Cobain’s 1994 suicide that he was murdered, possibly at the behest of his wife Love.

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck will premiere on HBO on May 4th. Morgen was granted unprecedented access by Love and the Cobain family to the musician’s journals, artwork, home movie footage, and audio recordings.

Morgen recently revealed on Twitter that the soundtrack of the film will feature a previously unreleased 12-minute track from Cobain.