CHRIS CORNELL: Kids Today Don’t Want To Start Bands Anymore

December 2, 2015

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell recently did an interview with New Zealand radio station The Rock FM and said that the state of rock music has changed so much that young people don’t necessarily want to start bands anymore.


Cornell explained: “I think a lot of that has shifted to the hip hop world or even the electronic world, where now, you can make an album on a laptop inside a studio apartment… Having technology, plus having some really huge hip hop artists, has shifted that to where the first urge of some kids who write a song or make a recording, might not be guitar, bass, drums and vocals, it might not be ‘Let’s try to sound like Nirvana.’ It might something much more in the direction of hip hop or rap or electronica, it might be Skrillex instead.”


Cornell said the basic attraction of rock music hasn’t changed, saying: “What it always meant from the very beginning that it was sort of the homespun music of the street… or anybody’s music. It was the voice of anybody who wanted to do it, who felt like doing it. You didn’t have to be musically educated, you didn’t have to be literally educated, you didn’t have to come from royalty… You could be anyone and anyone could participate in it.”


Cornell’s released his fourth solo studio album, “Higher Truth” on September 18.

Cornell is currently on an Australian solo acoustic tour.

He also recently said that Soundgarden has been writing material for its seventh studio album, which will likely be recorded in early ’16.


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