Canada Valentine’s Day massacre suspects headed for trial

July 26, 2015

The case of a Canadian man and American woman accused of plotting a shopping mall massacre in Halifax will proceed to trial, though not until 2016.


Randall Shepherd, a Canadian citizen, and Lindsay Souvannarath, a U.S. citizen, appeared in court on Thursday (July 23) for the final day of a three-day preliminary hearing.

They are accused of planning a Columbine-like mass murder and suicide. They were arrested at the Halifax airport in February.

A publication ban was imposed by the judge, barring media from reporting details of the case discussed by witnesses or lawyers in the courtroom.

The two will next appear in court on Aug. 6 to set a pre-trial conference, but government attorney Mark Heerema, one of two lawyers prosecuting the case, said the trial is not expected to begin until 2016.

Shepherd and Souvannarath will remain in jail pending the trail. Heerema said the government would oppose any bail application.


The two have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and arson as well as unlawful communication, threatening “through social media” to cause harm or death.