Bob Marley cannabis brand: launch on 71st Birthday

February 5, 2016

Bob Marley will be releasing the first in a line of cannabis products this weekend (Feb 5-7).


Marking the anniversary of his 71st Birthday on the 6th February 2016, ‘Marley Natural’ has been made in conjunction with The Marley Estate and New York based Privateer Holdings. It’s the first line to be released, with more to follow.

“If my father was here physically, he would be up front advocating for this plant, so we are very proud to put our Marley Natural brand out there,” Stephen Marley told Billboard.


“Our team has visited hundreds of farms around the world, learning all about growing processes and different strains, trying to find the best quality cannabis there is,” explains Marley Natural Product Manager Tahira Rehmatullah.

Some states in the US have a decriminalization policy in effect, where Marijuana is sold through state controlled ‘dispensaries’ – but marijuana can only be distributed in areas where it is grown.

“Our goal is to work with all local farmers in every jurisdiction where we are offering cannabis,” adds Rehmatullah.


Marley Green, a hybrid and suggested for novice herb users; Marley Gold; Marley Red; and the THC-concentrated Marley Black, for regular smokers.

“Rastas were chastised and imprisoned for this plant so as a Rasta youth, learning of that journey, it is a victory to see where we are today, to have the opportunity to not only smoke it but learn about its different components and uses,” Stephen Marley also noted.


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