March 13, 2015

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker said in a recent interview with Yahoo! that he is “in no way, shape or form” mad at ex-frontman Tom DeLonge. But Barker reiterated his wish that DeLonge “own up to not wanting to be in the band and go do his other stuff.”

Blink Tom Delonge

Barker explained, “We’ve been trying to do this for X amount of years, he’s quit three times, we have to get to a healthy place and just move on . . . I’m in no way, shape, or form mad at him. If anything, I just wish he would own up to not wanting to be in the band and go do his other stuff. There’s a sympathy card he’s pulling right now. And that doesn’t even really piss me off, it’s just kind of childish.”

Barker admitted that he and Hoppus had been feeling vibes for a while from DeLonge that the singer and guitarist did not want to be there, saying, “That’s what it was like playing at practice with the dude forever. It was just like, you’d drive to Orange County to practice, drive an hour and a half to get there, dude’s upset, bummed-out or venting about something.”

Now rehearsing with temporary frontman Matt Skiba for two upcoming shows, Barker said, “We’re all, ‘Everyone’s got their issues, let’s just play music and have fun and be happy and kick ass.’ So it feels good to have that.”


Hoppus and Barker publicly called out DeLonge last month after he refused to commit to upcoming live shows and recording dates, with his manager communicating to his bandmates that he was taking a hiatus from Blink for an indeterminate amount of time.

  • The band quickly recruited Skiba for a March 20th show in San Diego and a March 22nd appearance at the Barker-curated Musink Festival in Orange County, California. Plans beyond that remain unclear.
  • Despite the public falling out with DeLonge, Barker remarked that he would never close the door on another reunion, saying, “If years down the line it makes sense, I’ll never say never.”