Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi To Receive ‘Gibson Les Paul Award’ At Q Awards

October 19, 2015

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi will receive the Gibson Les Paul Award at the 2015 Q Awards — which takes place today (Monday, October 19).

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Iommi has played a Gibson guitar for the duration of his career and is being honored for his “outstanding contribution to music, pop culture” and as part of the 100th-anniversary celebrations of the birth of Les Paul guitars.

In a statement, Tony said: “I’m very honored to receive the Les Paul Award. So many thanks to Q magazine and Gibson. I have a long history with the guitar maker.”


Q magazine editor Matt Mason added: “Tony is one of those rare guitar players in that he truly defines a genre and a sound.

“His influence is huge but, equally, there is a real finesse in his playing that often gets overlooked. It harks back to his early love of Django Reinhardt — the legendary gypsy-jazz guitarist — who was a formative influence on Tony.

“As with all great musicians, Tony hears the world in a totally unique way, and that is what the Gibson Les Paul celebrates.”

Tony Iommi Portrait Shoot - 2010

Iommi said in a recent interview that Black Sabbath’s upcoming farewell tour, which will begin in January 2016, is truly its last because he is not physically capable of doing it any longer. Speaking with the Birmingham Mail, Iommi explained, “I can’t actually do this anymore. My body won’t take it much more.”

Iommi was also hospitalized recently with back problems, and he still requires blood tests every six weeks to monitor his lymphoma.

The tour kicks off on January 20 in Omaha and will encompass about a year, including breaks.


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