Black Sabbath Didn’t Invite drummer Bill Ward To Play Final Show

January 26, 2016

Black Sabbath and former drummer Bill Ward are giving different stories of an offer involving the band’s final show.


Sabbath will play what is being billed as their last ever gig later this year. Their feud with Ward dates back to 2012 when, after making a public appearance stating he would be part of the band’s reunion, the drummer backed out.

Ward has always claimed it was an issue with his contract while singer Ozzy Osbourne said Ward was overweight and physically unable to tour.


Speaking in a recent interview with, bass player Geezer Butler claimed that they had reached out to Ward and offered him the chance to play drums at the final show in September, but he had turned it down.

However, in newly published quotes by Rolling Stone, Ward says he received no such invite. “I never received an offer to play the final show of ‘The End’ tour with Black Sabbath,” he said.

“When the tour was confirmed, my management reached out to the Black Sabbath management to inquire as to whether or not they would like to discuss my participation in the tour. We were told there was no interest. That is [the] last conversation we had with them regarding the tour.

“I will say that I wouldn’t want to play only one gig when I am completely capable of touring,” he added. “I would not validate their untrue statements about my health by playing only one gig. Also, I wouldn’t want to show up for only some of our fans and not for all our fans when I could have played multiple shows.”


Black Sabbath’s The End Tour began earlier this month and will continue until September 21, when the band play their final gig in Phoenix at the Ak-Chin Pavilion. Tommy Clufetos, who plays in Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band, is expected to retain his place behind the drums for the entire tour.


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