BILL WARD Still Wants An Apology From OZZY OSBOURNE

August 18, 2015

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward says he needs a “signable contract” from the band and a public apology from lead singer Ozzy Osbourne before he’ll rejoin the band for a final album & tour in 2016.


Ozzy Bill 1

Ward was recently interviewed by Rhyan of North Carolina’s 106.5 WSFL and asked if there is any chance Sabbath fans could see him back with the band on their next album and tour, Ward said, “If everybody could get on the same page… My page, I’ve been quite pronounced about my page, which is a signable contract and an apology over certain issues that Ozzy said about me that weren’t true. I’d like him to publicly apologize. He said these things at the public level, so I’d like him to publicly apologize. He’s already responded to that, saying that’ll never happen. So, as long as that’ll never happen, then I probably won’t be joining the band in 2016.”


Ward revealed his terms for a “signable” contract with Sabbath, saying, “I wanted to earn some better money than we had been (paid) in the past for festival gigs. I think it was somewhere like $80,000 for the festivals, which I can hear everybody gasp now, but $80,000 is not a lot of dough when you’re playing festivals.”

Brad Wilk played drums on “13”, while Tommy Clufetos was behind the kit for the group’s world tour.