March 13, 2015

Beastie Boys member Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz has admitted in a new interview with Rolling Stone that he’s still figuring out what to do with his career since the death of Adam “MCA” Yauch effectively ended the band in 2012.

Horovitz explained, “It’s a big challenge. It’s like, ‘What do you do with your life when your former life is no more?’ I have to figure it out. I don’t know if I ever will.”


Horovitz has spent the last few years scoring music for some independent films and documentaries, and landed an acting gig in While We’re Young, a comedy opening on March 27th starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts. He also plays bass in a New York band with his friend Bridget Everett.

Horovitz said about his recent experiences, “It’s been fun to just play bass in a band and play live, but be in the background. I’m used to having other people (plan) for me. I don’t plan anything, so at some point, maybe I have to start doing that.”

Horovitz and fellow surviving Beastie Boy Mike Diamond are writing a memoir about the band, although Horovitz said that the book will miss a planned 2015 publication date and will probably come out in 2017.

The Beastie Boys have been in the news since Yauch’s death for legal issues more than anything else. A court ruled in favor of the rap-rock trio in June 2014, awarding them $1.7 million after Monster Energy Drink used the band’s music without its permission in a promotional video.

  • The group is suing the company again to get back its legal costs.
  • The band also successfully sued the Goldiblox toy company for covering its song “Girls” in an ad, settling with the company for an undisclosed amount.