Ashley Madison owner: We’re still adding users after data hack

August 31, 2015

Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media claims hundreds of thousands of people signed up to their website last week, even though hackers leaked data about millions of its clients.


The company also said internal data released by hackers had been incorrectly analyzed; it’d said that the site had few genuine female users.

“Recent media reports predicting the imminent demise of Ashley Madison are greatly exaggerated,” the company said in a statement. “Despite having our business and customers attacked, we are growing.”

Last week, tech blog Gizmodo published a widely cited analysis of the customer data. It said thousands of users had listed email addresses that ended with and that very few, about 1,500, female members had ever checked the site for messages.

Avid Life said on Monday (Aug 31) that an unnamed reporter had wrongly concluded that the number of active female members on Ashley Madison could be calculated based on assumptions about the meaning of fields contained in the leaked data.

“Last week alone, women sent more than 2.8 million messages within our platform,” Avid Life said, adding that 87,596 women had also signed up for Ashley Madison last week.