January 3, 2015

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young said in a recent interview with Spain’s Rock FM that the band always tries to bring something new to its trademark sound.

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Young said, “We always try to get new songs. That’s what AC/DC has always been about. You can listen to what we do and you can go, ‘Well, it’s AC/DC, but it’s a new song.’ So that’s what we’ve always tried to achieve. So we’ve always got that style. That’s how we sound: with the two guitars and the bass and the drums and Brian (Johnson, singer). It’s that format. And we aim for that. When you get that basic (sound) right, especially even when we record, that’s the sound we’re after; we want that big sound.”

Young said a while back that he thinks the band’s consistency is the reason it’s lasted so long: “I think as a band, you spend all your early years defining your own style, you know, and with us, it was always hard-edged rock ‘n’ roll band. You want to put on a record and, you know, automatically go, ‘Well, that’s them. That’s AC/DC.'”

AC/DC’s 16th studio album, Rock Or Bust, arrived in stores on December 2nd, and sold around 172,000 copies in its first week, debuting at Number Three on the Billboard 200 album chart.

It was AC/DC’s first album without guitarist Malcolm Young, who retired from the band due to an onset of dementia. Stevie Young, his nephew, is playing in his place.

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  • Meanwhile, drummer Phil Rudd put his own future with the band in doubt, showing up late for the recording sessions, missing a video and photo shoot entirely, and finally being arrested in November on charges of murder-for-hire, threatening to kill and drug possession.