Amy Winehouse’s father threatens documentary-makers with legal action

April 26, 2015

Amy Winehouse’s father has threatened legal action against the people behind a new documentary about the late singer.


Amy: The Girl Behind The Name is due to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month, but Mitch Winehouse is not happy about the way the biopic depicts him.

Winehouse said he felt sick when he watched the film, adding that: “Amy would have be furious. This is not what she would have wanted.”

He criticised the filmmakers for allowing his daughter’s ex-boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil in the documentary. Winehouse said: “Blake is saying in the film that the reason Amy was like that was because of me — not because he gave her crack and heroin and because he completely manipulated and coerced her into Class A drugs. If the real truth came out about Blake, he wouldn’t be able to walk down the street so how they can allow him to make that claim about me is so hurtful and beyond belief.”

He concluded: “We can’t stop it but when the film does come out we can sue for libel or slander. Our lawyers will view the film and reserve the right to do that and see whether there are any grounds.”


Amy: The Girl Behind The Name is set to be released on July 3. Amy Winehouse died in her Camden home on July 23 2011 from alcohol poisoning.