Amy Lee Releases Cover Of Chris Isaak’s ‘Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing’

December 16, 2015

Evanescence singer Amy Lee released her cover version of the Chris Isaak’s “Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing” via her recently launched YouTube channel (watch it below).


Why “Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing”? Lee says, “This cover and I have history. We’ve been through a lot together!

“It all started back in ’09. I’m always on the lookout for a chance to write for film, and the people making ‘Cabin In The Woods’ wanted a cover of this song for the scene where a girl is dared to make out with a taxidermy wolf head on the wall. Gotta love it! We were hanging out writing together anyway, so I decided to take a stab at it with my collaborator and friend Will Hunt (producer/owner of Spaceway Studios in Ft. Worth). They sent us the scene to write to and we had a blast making a short part of this version — we LOVED it! …They didn’t! Ha. And so it goes. We went ahead and finished out the song in my studio just for us, and, after many late-night jams with friends, decided it was too cool to waste — it was going on the next album.”

She continued: “That album was the first time I watched something I was working on totally blow up in my face. The suits had a change of heart during a frustrating recording process and I was told that none of the songs I’d been pouring my heart into for a year, in any form, were good enough — time to start over. I was devastated. I was furious. I was determined to take control of the situation and use it to push myself forward. It ended up making me angry enough to write Evanescence’s heaviest album — which I love — and we did end up using three songs from the original project, but I was still left feeling unsatisfied about what I lovingly refer to as my ‘broken record.'”


Lee previously released covers of Zeppelin’s “Going To California”, U2’s “With or Without You” and Portishead’s “It’s A Fire”.

Evanescence recently parted ways with guitarist Terry Balsamo and replaced him with Jen Majura. The band re-emerged last month after a three-year hiatus with select, intimate shows in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles. They haven’t played live since November of 2012.


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