February 24, 2015

All That Remains releases its seventh studio album on Tuesday (February 24th), titled The Order Of Things.

All That Remains

It follows up 2012’s A War You Cannot Win and continues the New England metal act’s musical evolution. Frontman Phil Labonte said that his band isn’t afraid to change up its sound: “There are some bands that want to carry the standard for metal and, you know, they worry about, is it metal enough? But for us, like, we’ve never been those kind of people and honestly I feel like the attitude in the band really kind of reflects the attitude of, like, New England, you know. We’re a little bit coarse and we do what the hell we want, and if you don’t like it, screw ya (laughs).”

The first single from The Order Of Things is “This Probably Won’t End Well.”

  • A War You Cannot Win featured the massive rock singles “What If I Was Nothing” and the chart-topping “Stand Up,” although Labonte later dismissed that record, saying, “I think I could have done better.”
  • All That Remains began a North American tour with In Flames last Friday (February 20th) and next plays in Salt Lake City on Wednesday (February 25th).