January 2, 2015

All That Remains is dropping more hints about the contents of its seventh studio album, called The Order of Things, set to be released by Razor & Tie on February 24th.

All That Remains

Instead of focusing on crafting commercial hits, their singer Phil Labonte, told Revolver magazine: “As lame as it sounds, we just wanted to write what we like to hear.” So what can fans expect?

“There’s some really heavy stuff on this record,” Labonte promises. Labonte also blames himself for the failings that he says their last album, 2012’s A War You Cannot Winhad. “It was mostly me; I think I could have done better.”

Not that he cares if anyone was offended by his comments: “I just get a kick out of being an antagonist,” he said. “When it comes to rubbing people the wrong way, I don’t care who I offend.”

He goes onto say: “There’s nothing edgy about metal anymore. You’re not edgy because you listen to music that sounds abrasive. That doesn’t make you a forward thinker, that doesn’t make you controversial and it doesn’t make you edgy just because you’re in a band that plays that stuff.”

  • The new album marks the first time that singer Labonte collaborated on his lyrics, in this case with producer Josh Wilbur.
  • The band has already issued a new song from the album called “No Knock.”
  • All That Remains has yet to announce tour plans behind the new disc.