December 22, 2014

Comedian Adam Sandler is the latest Hollywood star to find out how the execs at Sony really felt about him. In the latest round of leaked emails, Sandler was blasted by the studio executives for demanding $200 million for a film project. Sony executive Amy Pascal called the actor an a**hole in an email.


Sandler pissed executives off with his behavior during the making of the animated movie, Hotel Transylvania 2, and his aggressive push for an adaptation of the board game Candyland. Following a pitch meeting where Sandler tried to get $200 million to make the Candyland project, Columbia pictures honcho Hannah Minghella sent an email to Pascal.

Pascal responded, “Adam is an a**hole and this is more his fault than anyone’s but what we did was not communicate with each other and make assumptions . . . Maybe I didn’t pay attention when you were telling me what I was walking into but it also comes from . . . no one taking responsibility and I mean myself as it is my responsibility to let you guys know what I want to breath life into.”

Doug Belgrad, president of Sony motion picture group also chimed in on the email chain. He wrote, “You said yourself that Adam was gonna be angry and . . . you couldn’t fix what was really bothering him . . . that he isn’t the guy he once was and nobody can make that better for him.”

Featured photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images