February 23, 2015

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was the first in line to snap up an extremely limited edition Mustang GT. The car, created by Ford Motor Company and Petty’s Garage, will be a 627-horsepower limited edition fastback inspired by Petty’s Garage’s Mustang GT that was displayed to great acclaim at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Just 43 cars will be created, with just 42 left.


Says Johnson about his new purchase: “This Mustang has just taken my breath away. It really is one of the best cars I’ve ever driven. I didn’t have an American car, but I do now!”

Johnson talks how his fascination with cars began: “I don’t know. It’s probably because we were born with no money and it was always something you dreamt of. You saw one driving past, you know, you’d go, ‘Gosh, darn it, I wonder what it’s like to have one of them.’ But I mean, it was — it went beyond that, you know, I just loved these motorcars, these things that you could get in and do anything. You could go anywhere, you know. And people were actually then mobile, you know, they could do things that they’d never dreamt of before.”

Johnson’s love of cars has been well-documented and he has likened speeding to the thrill of being on stage: “I am often asked to compare the two. When you are strapped into a car hurtling towards the first bend, the adrenaline has to be greater than it is when you’re on stage. Maybe that’s because the risk of hurting yourself or worse on stage is not the same as in motor racing.”

Johnson added, “I was once racing a Porsche when the engine of the car in front blew up. Driving through a wall of smoke, with oil all over the windscreen, I couldn’t see a thing. At times like that you wonder if you will emerge alive. Now I count myself as a lucky man in that I get the opportunity both to sing and to drive.”

AC/DC will kick off a world tour later this spring in support of its new album, Rock Or Bust.