December 17, 2014

AC/DC singer Brian Johnson said in a new interview on BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show that the band is always careful not to overload its live set with too much new material. Johnson explained, “When we do a tour, or start a new tour, we never do more than maybe two or three songs off a new album, because people always feel comfortable at gigs with stuff (they already know). I went to see an act a long time ago and all he did was play his new album. And nobody knew it, and it was just boring.”

ACDC band

Guitarist Angus Young said a while back why the band always plays its biggest hits in concert: “You wanna play what people expect of you, you know? When I was young and you and I would go see someone, you know, I wanted to hear what I knew and what was, you know, my favorite tracks, you know? And I think it’s the same for us, you know? If I went to see something like the Stones, you know, I want to hear, you know, (the) ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’-es, and I want to hear their hits. And I would suppose it would be the same for the Beatles in their time, you know? So, I’ve always viewed it as that.”

When asked on the BBC program if he looks forward to the band’s upcoming world tour, which could last two years, Angus replied, “Yeah, I do. I enjoy it. Probably, for myself, ’cause I was very young when I started. I’m just used to it. It’s the life I know.”

Johnson added, “This tour I’m looking forward to it a bit more than, I think, any other. I don’t know if it’s ’cause of my age and just enjoying things that I maybe took for granted once, that you just know it’s a special time. It’s been 40 years, and just to get out there again, and see if you can do it.”

  • The veteran band will be touring in support of Rock Or Bust, its 16th studio album and first since 2008.
  • It is uncertain whether longtime drummer Phil Rudd will be part of the touring lineup next year. Rudd faces charges of drug possession and making threats against someone’s life in New Zealand, where he currently lives.