November 18, 2014

AC/DC has released an official stream of the title track from their upcoming album, Rock Or Bust, which arrives on December 2nd.


The album is the band’s first without founding guitarist Malcolm Young, who was forced into retirement earlier this year due to being stricken with dementia.

His brother and bandmate Angus said the whole situation has been heartbreaking, “It is. I’m his brother, but also the rest — his immediate family, his wife and kids and everyone, you know. But he kept going as long as he could, he said, you know. I mean, he was still writing until he couldn’t do that anymore. You were hoping, you know, that he would get better. The physical side of him, he got great treatment for that, so he’s good with all of that. But the mental side has just deteriorated, you know. So he himself said, you know, I won’t be able to do it anymore.”

Angus revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that his brother began showing symptoms of his illness on the band’s last album, 2008’s Black Ice.

Malcolm is currently in full-time care at a facility in Australia and did not play on Rock Or Bust, although all the songs on the disc are credited to the two brothers.

Malcolm’s replacement in the band is his and Angus’ nephew Stevie, who replaced Malcolm on tour in 1989 when the latter dealt with his alcoholism.