A-Rod Releases Public Apology Letter

February 18, 2015

Alex Rodriguez will be back with the New York Yankees this year after being suspended by Major League Baseball for all of last season for using performance-enhancing drugs and trying to obstruct the investigation into the Biogenesis clinic owner who provided the PEDs to him and other players.


Ahead of his return, A-Rod decided against holding a pre-season news conference, as suggested by the Yankees, and instead released a handwritten apology yesterday (February 17th).

The letter was addressed to the fans, and in it, A-Rod said he took full responsibility for, quote, “the mistakes that led to my suspension,” without saying what those mistakes were.

He also said he regretted his actions that he said made the situation worse than it needed to be, referring to his accusations and lawsuits leveled at Major League Baseball, the players’ union and the Yankees, which were dropped soon after.

He apologized to all of them, as well as to the fans, adding, “I accept the fact that many of you will not believe my apology or anything that I say at this point. I understand why, and that’s on me.”

Rodriguez wrapped up by looking ahead, saying, “I’m ready to put this chapter behind me and play some ball.”